Drug Alternatives To Pataday (We’ll Have Natural Alternatives Soon)


While Pataday is consistently one of the more popular eye medications when it comes to treating eye allergies and dealing with issues like red eyes, dry eyes, and more, there are nevertheless people who won’t react well to this medication and want to seek out alternatives, for whatever reason. There are quite a few prescription and over the counter drug alternatives to Pataday; here are a few:

Chilled Eye Drops
Chilled eye drops come most commonly in brands like Optive or Systane Ultra. These artificial tear drops are best kept in the refrigerator, and work very well when it comes to linking up your eyes with moisture, and the chilled, cold effect of the refrigerated drops can do just the trick. Both Optive and Systane Ultra are available over the counter at your local pharmacy.

Antihistamine Drops
Other over the counter drops available seek out not just to moisturize the eye, but to provide it a combination anti-histamine drop to affect and reduce swollen blood vessels, allergies, and allergic reactions from a variety of sources. These drops include brands like Opcon-A and Naphcon-A, and can provide countless options when it comes to avoiding allergies and reducing allergic reaction in the eyes.

Zatidor (Alaway)
Zatidor, which is also known as Alaway, is a legitimate alternative that reduces antihistamine problems and affects the eyes in a positive way, promoting healthy eye moisture release and preventing the worsening of allergic symptoms and issues. These drops are available over the counter, as well, and can be purchased without a prescription.

Alrex is ideal for people who need something stronger, and is thus quite a strong alternative to Pataday, and typically only prescribed by a doctor rather than used over the counter in any way by patients. Alrex is a steroid-based eye drop that works to deal with allergic conjunctivitis, and promotes healthy eyes without itching, burning, redness, or other sensitivity issues related to light and other stimuli. Alrex works well specifically for people dealing with acute and seasonal allergies, rather than issues relating to every day itching, dryness, or burning.

Elestat is maybe the most similar alternative to Pataday, ideal for people who are experiencing every day issues relating to burning, itching, dryness, and redness, more so than acute allergies or seasonal allergic reactions and problems. Elestat is a very common alternative to Pataday for many people who do not see tangible results and benefits from using this eye drop medication by itself.

All in all, talk to your doctor about alternatives, and what you cna do instead of using this eye drop medication, should it not work for you. While Pataday is ideal in quite a few different situations, it nevertheless does not work for everyone, and as such, it is advisable that you seek out other alternatives and figure out what works best for your specific needs. Dry, itchy eyes and allergic conjunctivitis are no fun to go through; as such, it’s critical that you find a medication and eye drop that can specifically and quickly meet your needs.

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