Pataday For Itchy Red Eyes

Pataday For Red Allergic Itchy Eyes

Do you have itchy, red eyes, Pataday may be the answer. You may be suffering from ocular allergies. Do not worry! Around 2 out 10 persons are suffering from a certain form of ocular allergies, and they’re quite common. The reason for your problem may differ,

from pollens to debris and other types of allergens. I know that itchy eyes can bring discomfort to the eyes. What is the best way to find quick relief? Belonging to the group of antihistamines, Pataday is the latest solution to treat your eye allergies.

Pataday Allergy Eyes

What is Pataday?
Pataday or Olopatadine hydrochloride is one of the most effective types of treatment modality as of today. This type of antihistamine is actually an H1 receptor antagonist. This means that it blocks the H1 receptors, a particular kind of histamine receptor which is responsible for the allergy. According to medical experts, this medication is also responsible for inhibiting the cells’ release of histamine to the body. Hence, the drug can definitely help prevent allergies before it even occur.

How Do You Use This Medication?
Pataday is quite easy to use. This is best used once every 24 hours per eye. Relief is immediate and can last for a long time. Available in eye drop form, the medication requires prescription from your physician. Therefore, this medication should be employed as directed by your doctor.

What If You Wear Contact Lenses?
There are special instructions when you are wearing contact lenses. You need to remove the contact lens when applying the medication to ensure optimum effectiveness. The lens can potentially absorb the drug and this leads to less than optimum results. After applying Pataday, make sure to wait for ten minutes before you insert the contact lens back. It may be advised to stop using contact lenses for a while when the eyes continue to be itchy and red.

Are There Side Effects?

Although considered effective against ocular allergy, you need to be aware of the side effects of Pataday. The most common side effects that were reported by patients include vertigo, sore throat, and cold-like symptoms. One of ten patients report one of these side effects.

When it comes to eye allergy, Pataday is the newest solution that may offer you quick relief. This medication is effective and simple to use because it is in the form of an eye drop. Make sure to follow instructions from your doctor, especially when you have contact lenses. Also try to observe possible side effects and report immediately to your doctor when these unwanted effects occur from using Pataday.

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