Basic Info About Pataday

Basic Info About Pataday Eye Drop Medicine

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Pataday is a very powerful drug, and if it’s used properly, it might be something that could really make your life a heck of a lot better. But there’s also things you need to know about Pataday that the Doctors and Drug Companies won’t tell you and they don’t want you to know. We don’t have anything to hold back, and as a matter of fact we want you to know the dirty secrets about Pataday, but we also want you to know what real users have experienced good and bad. We will have an entire article specifically telling you about Pataday Side Effects. We won’t go into detail on that right now. Stay tuned for that.

First and foremost, what is the main reason people would want to take Pataday and what is it used for? Pataday reduces the natural chemical histamine that the human body automatically produces. As you know, too much of anything isn’t good, and it’s no different with chemical histamines. When our body has too much histamine, it can cause itchy eyes, watering of the eyes and even burning in certain case. Obviously, each person is going to experience different results.

Now one of the most important things to consider when you are thinking about taking Pataday is to let you doctor know if you have any type of infections, this is very important. Also, another quick side note, don’t take Pataday if you wear contacts, or at least don’t wear the contacts while you’re taking Pataday, this is also very important to remember. If you wait at least 10 minutes after taking Pataday, you can then put your contacts in, but make sure to check with your Doctor first, because the results may vary. Of course, this might be considered common sense, but I need to make sure I cover as many bases as I can, if your eyes are irritated or infected, don’t wear your contacts, because this can make the infection and irritation even worse. Also, don’t use eye medicines that aren’t prescribed by your doctor while taking this drug. If the color of the liquid has changed or there are particles in it, don’t use it, make sure to contact your Doctor and get a new prescription. If you’re allergic to olopatadine do not take Pataday.

If you’re pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant, make sure to tell your physician. This can be harmful to unborn babies, and of course we don’t want that to happen! Also, it is not known if Pataday passes through breast feeding milk, so it could affect your baby. Make sure not to take Pataday without telling your Doctor that you are breast feeding. Of course, if your Doctor is smart, he or she will ask you if you are breast feeding. But make sure to tell him or her, to be on the safe side.

The effective dosage of Pataday is once a day per eye that is infected or itching. This is an eye drop solution, and it very simple to use. It should never be injected or swallowed; this is a topical eye solution only, meaning it stays on the surface of your eyes. When using the eye dropper to apply Pataday avoid touching any parts of your eye or your hands. Try not to have it touch anything but the inside of the bottle to keep it from getting contaminated.

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