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Pataday Side Effects
Pataday Side Effects can be extreme severe, but they can also be very mild in a lot of cases. If you’d like to know what others have been experiencing based on reviews, click Pataday Reviews.

We’ve done hours of research based on a multitude of different reviews and sources that give us only the facts, and then we compile this information for you to read and learn about. What we will do is let you know every single side effect we could find, in plain English.

First we’ll start out with some of the more minor ones, which depending on your situation, these could become much worse or severe, or they might not be that bad at all.

Blurred Vision
Some users of Pataday have experienced blurred vision when using this drug, now this might not seem like a real big deal, but if you’re driving your car or operating heavy machinery, this could become a serious problem very quickly. If you experience blurred vision while taking Pataday, you need to let your Doctor right away. This was reported in less than 5% of the users of Pataday, so the chances of this are slim, but you still need to be aware of this.

Burning or Stinging of the Eyes
Some users of Pataday have experienced burning and stinging or one or the other of their eyes, which can be very uncomfortable, and annoying. This is something that you need to be away of, and let you doctor know if you have this happen to you. It might be something that you can adjust to, or it might be more serious and you might need to let your doctor know.

Change In Taste
This is one of the less serious side effects of Pataday, but of course, this can be a sign that your body doesn’t like they way this drug is affecting it. You need to know that this can become more serious, but for most it’s not a big deal. Different foods that you eat are going to taste different that what they normally would. Some claim this was pretty extreme and then others said it was not that big of a deal. Less than 5% of the Pataday users experienced Change in Taste. This can be prevented by holding the bridge of the mouth while putting in the eye drops. This seems to work for some, because it prevents it from draining into the throat.

Sore Throat
Sore throat also known as pharyngitis is also commonly noted as one of the side effects of Pataday. Runny or stuffy nose is often associated with the symptom of the soar throat. Often times this will improve over time, and it usually happens in about 10% of the users of Pataday. If it doesn’t seem to improve, talk to your doctor about having this corrected in another way.

More Severe Side Effects From Pataday Include: 

Deep Headaches
Some of the users of Pataday developed deep intense headaches over time, and as time went on they seem to get worse. Of course, not all user had this experience, but enough for it to be reported. Pataday can be very helpful for you, but you must consider if the side effects that could occur are going to be worse than the reason you’re taking this drug. If this doesn’t seem to go away, you need to talk to your doctor about ways to make the headaches go away.

Dry Eyes
although this is something that is a little less extreme and severe when using Pataday, it can be really annoying. Pataday has helped thousands of individuals relieve their problems they were having. Less than 5% of the users of Pataday have experienced Dry Eyes, but if you experience it, hopefully it will improve over time.

Foreign Body Sensation
When I first started reading and researching about the foreign body sensation side effect of Pataday I didn’t really know what it meant or what it was. I’ve never heard of this type of side effect before. Basically the way users describe this is like there is something in there eye. Like a piece of dust or something. This has been something that I’ve personally experienced, but now with Pataday. It’s got to be one of the most annoying things when something is in your eye like a small bug or whatever.

This is the flow of the blood to the eye when using Pataday. Medically, this is described as a regulatory response allowing change in blood supply to different tissues through vasodilatation.

There was not any details about users who experienced hypersensitivity. Based on what we read, and researched, it varies from very minor reactions to death. But with the cases of death, it was not pertaining to Pataday. If you know what hypersensitivity is, and you know how to handle it, feel free to contact your doctor to find out more.

Pataday has caused Keratitis, which is when the front part of the eye, the cornea becomes inflamed. This is often considered moderate to intense pain level. A lot of the people who experienced Keratitis experience blurred vision a long with this symptom.

Lid Edema
This is an accumulation of fluids in the eyelid, minor inflammation and infection can become a result of Lid Edema when using Pataday. Crusting seems to be something that was mentioned in a couple of the reviews when they were mentioning Lid Edema.

Although, very few have experienced side effects of any magnitude, there wasn’t nearly as many as some of the other drugs on the market. Especially when you’re dealing with one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the eyes. Pataday gets a pretty good grade from us, because we review quite a few, and drugs, and as you probably know, there’s a lot worst side effects than the ones of Pataday. Pataday users seem to be pretty happy with the results of the eye drops and how well they were able to help them with their Eye Infections and Eye related problems.

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